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Charnelle Oliver


Charnelle has been employed by the Mount Croix Animal Hospital since 2004. In 2008, she qualified as an animal behaviourist through the Ethology Academy in Pretoria. She is a registered member with the South African Board of Companion Animal Professionals (SABCAP reg no : AB/084).


She offers advice on all areas of your dog`s behaviour eg.

  • defecating inside the house
  • digging - over 20 reasons why dogs dig
  • chewing inappropiate things like the couch
  • howling at night
  • barking  during the day
  • fear of strangers or other animals
  • aggression towards people
  • aggression towards other animals ....... to name a few.

If the problem is not too involved, she is willing to help you at the hospital during the morning

08h00 - 12h30     Monday to Friday    on  041-374 3034

However, if the problem is more involved (especially aggression and anxiety cases) then she will come to  your home and do an in-depth consultation with you. Once the problems have been  discussed and solutions have been made, Charnelle will contact you telephonically to follow up on your progress. You and your veterinarian will receive a consultation report with all the information recorded. Reports are issued within 5 working days. The consultation fee is R 400/per hour. Normal consultations take 2 hours. Aggression and anxiety consultations are more involved and may take 3-4 hours. Follow-ups are done telephonically or via email at no extra cost. 

You can book your  consultation with Charnelle on 041 - 374 3034 during morning office  hours ie 08h00 - 12h30 Monday to Friday or email her on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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